Shipbuilding And Ship Repairing



UPR supports new build of vessels where shore power is unavailable. Power can be used for a long host of equipment applications such as for compressed air and welding of steel plates, short blasting and spray painting, lifting of heavy items and others.

For completed vessels, UPR provides load testing services to confirm the performance of the large capacity turbines installed on board. These turbines may be rated at different voltages, depending on the types of vessels built and their uses. UPR’s load banks can be connected with our purposeful designed transformers for the test. Our testing capacity for vessel turbines exceed 70MVA and that is sufficient for all types of special purpose vessels like drilling rigs, semi-submersibles, FSO, FPSO.

UPR also participated in the power supply of some 17MW of power for the Hanjin New shipyard at Subic Bay, Philippines in 2007/8 during its initial phase of the construction of the shipyard.