Power Plant & Utilities Services



Support clients’ needs on temporary and permanent power on base load or on island mode operation. This operation is common in supplementing the grid power where additional power is needed along the transmission network several hundreds of miles away from the usage area. In a remote region where power station is not being sufficiently established or that part of the existing power transmission tower is undergoing maintenance, short term power from a rental company like UPR will assist to alleviate the shortage or to prevent a system shutdown of the grid.

At UPR, we are capable to deliver power to the client’s station on request to take over the supply of power on failure of the power grid. In a coordinated manner, power can be delivered to the client’s production by taking over the supply from the grid and with a seamless transfer back of the power to the grid upon its return.

Main features of our services include:

  • Set up of temporary power plant within short notice
  • Quick mobilisation with transformers and switchgear system as a complete solution
  • Prevent production losses due to any brownout of grid power
  • Voltage setting as required by clients.
  • 24/7 technical service and support at site.